[This article is translated from "Legends of the Ferengi" of Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe]
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第三十一條 / Rule #31

  適當的羞辱是一種美學, 也是一種藝術, 值得傳承久遠. 下面是佛瑞吉歷史上最有名的 10 種羞辱法:
  1. 你就算把致富守則刺在額頭上也記不住.
    You couldn't memorize a Rule of Acquisition if it were tattooed to your forehead.

  2. 你的商業頭腦跟人類一樣, 體味跟克林貢人一樣.
    You have the business sense of a human. And the body odor of a Klingon.

  3. 你的房子小到你要離家才會改變心意.
    Your house is so tiny you have to leave it to change your mind.

  4. 你老婆穿衣服.
    Your wife wears clothing.

  5. 再多出價五條, 我就把佛瑞吉星賣給你.
    And for five more slips, I'll sell you Ferenginar.

  6. 你出生的時候, 你老爸摑了他的會計一耳光.
    When you were born, your father slapped his accountant.

  7. 你這個白痴, 居然跑進貝久蟲洞去找管蟲 (譯註: 佛瑞吉人食物).
    You're so stupid, you went into the Bajoran Wormhole looking for tube grubs.

  8. 你的鼻子小到吸甲蟲鼻煙的時候得一粒一粒吸.
    Your nose is so tiny, you snort beetle snuff one grain at a time.

  9. 你醜到必須把頭巾戴在前面好遮住你的臉.
    You're so ugly, you have to wear your headskirt in front of your face.

  10. 你的耳朵小到用一根手指就可以嗚嗎.
    Your lobes are so small you can oo-mox with one finger.

  如果你不喜歡這麼文謅謅的說法, 那麼請記住第三十一條致富守則:

  "Never insult a Ferengi's mother...insult something he cares about instead."

譯贊曰: 這跟致富有啥關係?
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